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Family Sponsor
(on-going relationships)

Thank you for becoming a Member of The Box Project.  Our family sponsor program is how we got started. Family sponsors can be families, individuals, or groups that want to have a long-term relationship helping and sharing with a recipient family. The sponsors write to their family, get to know them better, learn from them, mentor them, and provide friendship. About once a month, they send boxes of food, clothing, supplies and other material aid to their match family. On average, family sponsors budget about $50 per month for their match family. Some are able to do more, some less. You can help us provide a better match by letting us know how large a family you can help, and we will do all we can to match you accordingly.  

Perhaps even more important than the goods sponsors send is the mentoring, guidance and friendship sponsor families provide. We encourage sponsors to learn as much as they can about their family, the region, possible services in the area, and other options the recipient family may be able to access. Education is one of our core values and we hope sponsors will encourage and support family members seeking higher education and better jobs, helping the family toward a better level of self sufficiency.  Sometimes it will take generations for family members to rise up out of poverty, and sometimes it won’t happen at all, but the role of sponsors is an important way to show that someone in the world cares about the fate of this one family.

Sponsor membership dues are $50 per year.



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